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Learn to paint with us!

Explore your creative side with Gogh Box Art Crate! We offer a variety of acrylic painting ideas and techniques to help you learn to paint with acrylic paint. Let us help you unleash your inner artist!

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See it in Action!

To give you a quick idea of what we do, this tutorial has been sped up from about 2 hours to 1 minute and the sound has been removed.

Looking for single projects?

Our projects are also available "ala carte" via our shop.

Past Crates - what are those?

You can buy past projects without subscribing to anything.  Every month since September 2019 we've designed a new monthly art crate with two projects.  That equals a lot of potential painting for you to do!  Some customers like to buy a whole past month's crate because they liked both lessons.  Others prefer to pick and choose from our single projects menu where all of the art kits are separated and not bundled into a crate.  

This way, you can tailor it to exactly what you love.

Check out a few examples

An artists hands!
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See other customer's finished Gogh Box projects!  Join our very interactive Facebook Group page.  
The Group page is called "Gogh Box Art Crate".

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