It's Me Time

Enjoy the positive vibe of art from the comfort of your home, when the time is right for you

Acrylic Art

Available as individual kits or get a subscription for monthly new releases at a discount.

Watercolor Art

Available as collection kits which include multiple projects

Kids Art

Projects for kids 6-12*.  Select from existing project kits or get each months new release at a doiscount!

*Artists 12 and up may prefer our standard kits

How it Works

All of our kits, either individual project kits or subscription Crates include the surface you will be painting on, the medium needed for the project and are supported by our YouTube Tutorials!

Subscription boxes also include printed instructions and tutorials are Initially Live Streamed on YouTube  so you can ask questions as needed. Once the stream is complete the videos are maintained on YouTube for future use! 

We also offer other content on YouTube from more specific tutorials to product information and more!

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Art Crate Essentials

The Box

Your monthly subscription box is the vital ingredient to how this works...

The Supplies

You are going to need Brushes, a Palette and some other supplies...

The Videos

Each Month a new interactive livestream will walk you through your projects...

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