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Changes for July 2023

We are overhauling the subscription side of our business. Individual projects will remain available and unchanged.

Let's take a look at the changes we are making along with some explanation and what to expect as we roll out the transition.

What are the big changes?

We are redefining the name "Subscription Box" to "Art Club Membership". We will be offering two types of memberships, one will be a digital membership, which will grant you access to our entire digital library of tutorials only (you provide your own supplies).


The other membership will be called the Bon Art-Petit Club, which will provide the same video tutorial access as the digital club but Bon Art-Petit members will also receive a quarterly supply kit, similar to what is shipped currently but three months worth of supplies: 6 canvases, 6 sets of instructions, higher grade paint and other supplies. Basically, instead of getting small shipments every month, you'll get a big shipment every three months with some seriously upgraded supplies!

Why are we making changes?

There are a couple of important reasons as to why we are making changes.


First, in the wake of Covid we have seen our costs on supplies and shipping increase fairly significantly, in fact, the cost of paint alone doubled. Close to a year ago we started discussing how we can keep our pricing reasonable for our customers, while also maintaining the quality and logistics we are proud of.


Second, we have a fairly large following on YouTube and know that less than 2% of that audience purchases product from us or supports us financially on Patreon or Ko-Fi. While we love providing content, we also need to make sure that it works out financially. We choose to keep our videos ad-free on YouTube for the convenience of our monthly Art Crate subscribers. Moving forward, all of our regular bi-monthly art tutorial videos from Gogh Box will be exclusive to members and will not be public.

How is this better for me?

When we started looking at how we can make things more efficient we discovered that by shipping our kits less frequently we can upgrade to a higher-grade paint because of the savings on shipping costs. In addition, the time saved shipping quarterly instead of monthly will free us up to provide more video / tutorial content and art projects for you!

When and how will this all start?
  1. May 11th, today: Pre-registration for the Bon Art-Petit club begins. Link button is below. This is not final registration, just a form that will allow us to plan for the amount of supplies needed for the first shipment of the new system. No payment or credit card is needed for pre-registration.

  2. May 15th: We will begin canceling subscriptions that are paid through May which covers the June shipment. Because of the logistics of this changeover we have to cancel subs and have you re-register. We'll explain in our Q & A video coming May 24!

  3. May 24th at 5:30pm PST Live Q&A with Jenny and Paul about the changes. We are sure there will be plenty of questions and we'll be ready to answer them!

  4. June 1st: Bon Art-Petit official registration begins.

  5. July 1st: Digital membership signups if you prefer to go that route (you will not need this if you choose the Bon Art-Petit membership, as it is included with that).

  6. First week of July: Our first batch of Three Month supply kits will ship!

*If you have an existing multi-month subscription we will let you know how we will handle you subscription

What do I need to do?

We would appreciate if you would please pre-register for the Bon Art-Petit Club via the Link below. It will help us plan our supply purchasing for the first shipment in July. No payment or credit card is required for the pre-registration - we just need a general idea of how many are interested.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, patience and understanding!

Jenny & Paul

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