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  • When will I receive my 1st crate?
    When you subscribe your first crate will ship the 1st week of the following month. Example: If you signed up om August 15th, your first box will be September's Box which will ship the first week of September.
  • What is included in my subscription box?
    Each month you will receive supplies to complete 2 seperate acrylic paintings. You will receive the painting surfaces (canvas, birch panel, wood slices, whatever project we are doing that month) and enough paint to do both projects. You will also recieve full-color printed instruction sheets and a collectible coaster. Your first month includes a set of brushes that can last through several months of paintings if they are cleaned and taken care of properly after each painting.
  • Where do I view the videos?
    The videos are on our Gogh Box YouTube Channel. Make sure to subscribe and click the bell to receive notifications.
  • How do I cancel my subscription
    If you are on our Month to Month plan you will automatically be charged each month based on the date you began your Art Journey with us. You will need to let us know 7 days prior to that renewal date that you would like to cancel your subscription. Please use the following form on the page linked below to cancel.
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