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Gogh Box Art Club

Over the last few years shipping and material costs have risen pretty significantly. We sat down to figure out what the best path going forward would be for Gogh Box.  Our July shipment will mark a change our business model transitioning from being subscription boxes to Gogh Box Art Club Memberships.  We will offer two types of memberships. Let's take a look at them.  

Digital Memberships
$7 per month

Digital Membership will be at the core of everything we do. With the digital membership you will have access to our library of tutorials and livestreams along with supply lists and other online content.  You will have the option of being a member via our website or via our Youtube channel.

Registration opens July 1st

Supplies will be available "a la carte" via our web shop.

Bon Art-Petit Membership
$40 per month or $120 for 3 months

The Bon Art-Petit Membership will include all the same features as the digital membership and will include supplies that will ship every 3 months. Supply kits will include upgraded paint, 6 canvases, 6 instruction sheets, a coaster, sticker and occasionally other goodies! 

As we will need to plan our ordering for this change, we would ask that you use the following pre-registration form to let us know if you will be signing up for the Bon Art-Petit Membership when it becomes available on June 1st. 


Select an option

This for will help us plan for the transition. Final registration for the Bon Art-Petit Club will Open June 1st. Digital Memberships will be available on July 1st.

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