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Supply List

Your monthly Art Crate will ship with the surface you will be painting on as well as the paints you will need. Brushes Palettes, Water Cups, Smocks and any other materials are not provided in the Box. We do have these items available to purchase through our online shop. 

If you would like to search around and round up your own supplies you are more than welcome to here is a list of materials.



All Projects are designed for 3 brushes

  • 1" Flat or Wash Brush

  • #8 Flat or Bright Brush

  • #4 Round Brush


A Paper Plate will work, Otherwise any Palette of at least 8" will work fine

Water Jar

Any cup will work, We are partial to Mason Jars due to the weight and volume. Look for about 16oz and fill with approx 6-8 oz of water.

 Rags / Towels

Paper Towels really are a great option they hold the paint and make for a nice environmental way of disposing of the dried paint. Of course there is nothing wrong with a good old fashion paint rag either. Regular terry cloth works best. Hand wash when done and let dry.



Some people like to paint on a flat surface like a table but most painters prefer propping their canvas on an easel. A sturdy Table top model that folds up is a good way to start, but avoid really cheap models! 


A smock almost should be in the essentials list but hey we can choose to paint at our own risk! Almost anything will work as long as you don't care if you get paint on it. Some people have clothes just for working on their Art. Of course Aprons are a super solid option too, especially if they have handy pockets. 

Table Covering

If you will be using the formal dining room table as your workspace, you should probably invest in an plastic table cloth, or a plastic backed canvas drop cloth... If yu choose cloth of any type make sure it has plastic backing!

Drop Clothes

Much like table coverings, if you are going to be painting near carpet you need to put down a drop cloth of some sort. Plastic backed canvas works best!

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